Thursday, April 14, 2011

Storm sewer work begins below park

Storm Sewer Work began on April 14 at Cross Street & Wyota Avenue.

A new storm sewer will redirect water from the existing collection structure located in the mounded berm at the south end of the park.  Instead it will go west down Cross Street, then easterly on Wyota Ave, to existing pipes on Lewis Court.

Work is expected to begin at the Lewis Court / Wyota Ave part of the new pipe and progress toward the park.   Completion is expected on May 18th.
The following landscape improvements will occur in the park:
  • Removal of 2 large black locust trees adjacent to the existing concrete collection structure. These trees are an invasive species and were identified for removal in the 2010 Glenwood Children's Park Urban Forestry Management Plan. They shade existing ornamental Hawthorn and Crabapple, which will be protected during construction. The wood from the locust trunks will be salvaged and used for a future park projects.
  • Removal of the existing weeds and roses throughout the mounded berm area. A "Rose Meadow Salvage Work Party" will be scheduled in mid May. Cuttings from the rose plants will be propagated by Parks & Gardens Committee members and re-planted following Jens Jensen's original plan. Anyone volunteering with this rose propagation will be able to take home some of the rose plants.
DMNA Parks Committee Chair Peter Nause, and the Madison Engineering and Parks staff are developing a Landscape Plan for the south end of Glenwood Children's Park, with ornamental native perennials, ferns and grasses, in the mounded berm area where the Rose Bed currently stands.

City Engineering would prefer to have plantings adjacent to the concrete storm water collection structure that are shorter than the existing roses and easier to maintain. One design objective is to enhance & soften this man-made area so that it is more in keeping with park Jensen's naturalistic style.

Historically the south end of Glenwood Park was intended to be the main entrance. It is hoped that Madison Parks will approve an "official" Glenwood Children's Park sign as part of this project.

Source: Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association news.

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