The Weed Feed

A community event held in Glenwood Children's Park.
There are no plans for a Weed Feed in 2011.  Peter Nause, one of the organizers of previous Feeds, said he has too much going on to organize it this year.  In addition, changes are needed in the plans.  For example, late spring is not a good time, because it conflicts with many school events and graduations.

However, the Weed Feed has been so popular that it's sure to come again, when all the wrinkles get ironed out!  Stay tuned!

Previous Weed Feeds

On May 17, 2009, the second annual Weed Feed took place in Glenwood Children's Park.

From 10:00 to 12:00 AM, volunteers from the Dudgeon and Westmorland Neighborhoods removed the invasive garlic mustard from the park.
Then at noon, a potluck lunch began, with all dishes including garlic mustard or some other weed as one ingredient.  Two bands serenaded the weed pullers, and later, people eating lunch. 

During lunch children staged a play about how the evil garlic mustard smothers desireable wildflowers.
The event was organized by volunteers led by Peter Nause.

There are rumors the event will be held again in 2011.

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